El Salvador is well known by the quality waves it provides during almost 365 days of the year.

We have carefully selected the top surf spots our beautiful El Salvador have, this free surf guide was created based on word of mouth of all nomads surfers who adventured to discover new surf spots in the world, finding a paradise in our small country.

This guide is divided into two sections, east and west coasts of El Salvador, in many cases you will find that one surf spot is just 10 – 15 minutes away from each other so you can switch from surfing rights to left in just a few minutes. Enjoy it!



The wave runs for more than a quarter-mile at an even pace with several barrel sections on offer. One quality wave at The Point and your trip just paid for itself.

Perfection is the more suitable word to describe this wave, probably, one of the best right points in the world, breaking on a rocky bottom it gets hollow all the way, giving you the chance to get really long barrels, and to feel the power and speed at its best.

Look out for some big boulders in the outside section, boots are of great use in this spot. You will find more surfers on the line up here, but this is a wave that you will never forget.

sunzal surf trip el salvador


Extremely consistent quasi-world class rock-bottom right point. Tends to be a favorite of San Salvadoran weekend warriors, so with a bit of tact and skill, you can have your pick of waves even when it’s crowded.

On a solid swell, it can hold up to 10 feet plus, peeling evenly along the rocks.

This is the longest ride around; along with Punta Roca, the Sunzal point can hold the biggest swells on La Libertad area.

The ride is about 200mts long, it is a fun, hot dog wave for beginners to advanced surfers.

This is a long boarders type of wave, with really good sections on the take off zone and the inside section.

Also, it is one of most famous El Salvador surf spots you can ride.



La Bocana is a fast river-mouth wave with hollow sections. It is a heavy wave breaking on the cobblestone river-mouth bottom ideal for experienced surfers. It is usually bigger at La Bocana than anywhere else around.

The beach break, La Bocanita, directly west of La Bocana can get really good at high tide as well.

It breaks left and right. The left wave has a fast take off zone, it is a very powerful wave with barrels in the inside section as it gets shallow and closer to the rocks at the bottom.

There is some localism on this wave for being the only consistent left wave on La Libertad. The right wave is also very fast and powerful but the ride is shorter and even rockier than the left wave.



Right and left point break which can break very good on 3-5ft swells. This is another of the desolated surf spots. This break offers right and left waves. This spot consists of two sections which are a right-hand point break and A frame beach break.

Uncrowded surf is the name of the game at Mizata. There are three places you can surf in this area, the Point, the Beach Break and the Slab.

The Point is a right point break, with an intense take off and a lot of speed down the line, sometimes even allows you to get short but intense left rides. It is the longest wave in Mizata and breaks in front of a river mouth.

The Beach break has a couple take off zones; Boulder, Antenna and Don Miguel, varying from hollow to mellower surfing. The Slab is the most challenging and most rewarding wave in Mizata, working best at 5-8ft. This is an experienced surfer spot.


This is a right-hand point break with beautiful settings of the headlands, this is one of the best spots because of it breaks well in any swell direction, it’s divided into 2 sections the point that is lined up take off, and next right Zonte point is ‘The Beach break’.

It’s not exactly a beach break but break like one because the mixed sandy and rocky bottom permit that wave break faster than a normal point break.

Breaks very good on an 3 to 7 feet swell range, it is a fun rippable wave with a few barrel section, it is guarded by mountains and an impressive cliff. You can also find a left wave on the other side of the point at a river mouth near by.

This left wave is not a long ride but it breaks nice and clean on the right day.

One of the El Salvador Surf Spots gems out there.



Right point. It is in a gated community of beach houses but the break is a rock bottom that has good hollow waves. Best at mid-incoming tide.

It is a lot like to El Zonte but has better shape typically. K59 is usually the least busy of El Salvador surf spots’ right points, but with a private community in front, it is a bit of a hike to get to.

Rocky bottom and some barreling sections especially good on 5 feet + swells. These spots are uncrowded with just a few locals in the water.

If you are looking for El Salvador surf spots, we guarantee you world class waves weather right point breaks and left point breaks.  El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America so it is easy to move from one place to another.

We can surf in Punta Mango surf spot during the morning and we can be surfing at Punta Mango later in the afternoon and the next morning surfing at Playa El Tunco. Isn’t that amazing?

So if you decide to come to Central America to surf and especially to El Salvador you will have the best experience of your life!

We have beach breaks, point breaks, and so many other adventures when you travel to our country.

Ride as many as of the El Salvador surf spots every day