20 Things you didn’t know about El Tunco Beach

el tunco beach el salvador

20 Things you didn’t know about El Tunco Beach

El Tunco Beach is the most touristy place in El Salvador and one of the most visited surf town in Central America. Now accepting Bitcoin. Learn why this little town is so popular.

Welcome to El Tunco Beach

Located just minutes away from the International Airport Of El Salvador, El Tunco beach is a world famous surf town in south-west El Salvador.

Visited by thousands of travelers every year,  this little town has become a mandatory stop while you visit El Salvador or Central America.

In order to help you learn more about El Tunco Beach and make the most of it while you stay here, we have decided to talk about 20 things you didn’t know about this town.

  1. El Tunco beach is just 50 minutes away from the International Airport of El Salvador.
  2. It is located in La Libertad department, 50 minutes away from San Salvador city.
  3. El Tunco belongs to Tamanique which is a municipality of La Libertad department.
  4. La Libertad is just 15 minutes away from El Tunco.
  5. El Tunco Beach has access to two surf spots: La Bocana and Sunzal surf spots.
  6. There is a police station in town.
  7. It gets Crowded during weekends, in weekdays is a lovely and quiet little town.
  8. There are 3 ATMs in town, 90% of the time all cards are accepted. Also there is a Bitcoin ATM where you can withdrawn your Bitcoins to Dollars.

    If you are into Bitcoin there are several business accepting Bitcoin as a payment.

  9. There are no pharmacies in town, again, you’ll need to go to La Libertad.
  10.  From Friday to Sunday you are going to pay $1 per car at the main entrance.

    With the money collected our community is able to clean up the streets every day at 6 in the morning, pay the police station place, pay for a community security guards, pay for a surveillance camera system and many more.

  11. There are hostels starting at $7 per night.
  12. There are shuttle services going and coming from Antigua, Guatemala. Copan Honduras and Leon, Nicaragua.
  13. There is a Bitcoin ATM in town
  14. There two Scooter rental places, price starts at $25 per day.
  15. There are surfing classes starting at $30 each.
  16. There are tours available to all over El Salvador at Tunco Life Office.
  17. El Tunco means pork or pig.
  18. There are two coffee shops in El Tunco Beach.
  19. The big rock you see at the beach represents a pig with the legs up.
  20. El Tunco is the most popular tourist place in El Salvador.
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