Here’s why Conchagua volcano should be added to your next trip in El Salvador

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Conchagua volcano camping

If you stay over night get ready to wake up with one of the must stunning sunrises you are ever going to see in this world.

The Conchagua volcano offers breathtaking views of the Fonseca gulf, Honduras and Nicaragua lands.

Where is Conchagua volcano located?

The Conchagua Volcano is located in the department of La Unión, in the municipality of Conchagua approximately 190 km from San Salvador, with a height of 1,242 m SNM, forming part of the landscapes of the Salvadoran coast. 

How to get to Conchagua volcano

We use a 4 × 4 vehicle. This road can be taken either from the city of La Unión, or from the city of Conchagua.

You must drive until you reach the point known as the “El Faro” canton where there is a gate that protects the access to the top of the volcano.

Normally in this place there is a worker from the institution in charge of protecting the area called CODECA (Coordinating Association of Communities for the Development of Cacahuatique). This person can open the gate and allow the vehicle to pass.

It is recommended to give you a voluntary collaboration. To avoid any setback, it is better to contact this association before making a visit. They keep park rangers at the top who collaborate with the preservation of the area.

There is also a small plot of land on which tents can be set up. There are two viewpoints that offer impressive and unbeatable views. If the vehicle in which you are traveling is not a four-wheel drive, it is best to camp on the land attached to a house owned by CODECA, where there is drinking water, since the road to the top is very steep and paved.

Sunrise views from Conchagua

The next morning you will be able to get up early and take a walk of approximately 1h30 to the main viewpoint and 45 more minutes to the second viewpoint, which is reached through the path called “the flying tiger.”

If, on the other hand, you can get to the top, there is the camping area set up by CODECA, where there is also drinking water service. It is advisable to bring prepared food as there is no possibility of buying them there, as well as plenty of water and repellent.

One of the most beautiful views of the Salvadoran coast is offered by the Conchagua Volcano, from which you can see the islands of the Gulf of Fonseca (Meanguera, Meanguerita, Amapala, among others) as well as the city of La Unión, and various beaches. .

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