10 tips on how to hike the Tamanique waterfalls the right way


When it comes to hiking waterfalls in another country, the biggest question is how to be prepared for the unknown. Today we bring you 10 tips on how to get ready for the Tamanique waterfalls the right way.

  1. Have a good breakfast.

    This is a 4 hours activity with some challenging laps during the hike, it is recommended you have a good breakfast to provide the necessary energy to your body and experience these the best way possible through these refreshing waterfalls.

  2. If possible, bring water shoes

    If you want to make the most of these beautiful waterfalls you are going to get your shoes wet, if you can bring waterfalls with a good grip this will give you the confidence to reach difficult areas but worth the effort to visit some waterfalls almost nobody goes.

  3. Bring a microfibre towel

    We suggest you bring a towel so that you can dry, especially to get your feet dry so that you can put your shoes on. If possible you can bring a microfibre towel, these towels are super easy to carry and they dry super fast.

  4. Protect your skin and eyes

    Most of the hike is going to be under the sunlight so we highly suggest you bring sunscreen and sunglasses, taking care of our bodies should be a priority always!

  5. Bring at least two liters of water

    Don’t forget to bring enough water for this hike, we suggest you bring at least two liters of water, one for each way.

  6. Bring some snacks

    We are going to have some time to take breaks and have some snacks, suggested snacks: bananas, cookies, shakes, protein bars

  7. Don’t forget bug repellent

    You are going to be in contact with mother nature and if you are the type of person who gets big red dots on your skin every time you get bitten by a mosquito we highly suggest getting some bug repellent for this hike.

  8. Bring a plastic bag

    Once you are done with the waterfalls it is time to get changed and put your wet cloth in a plastic bag so that you don’t mess with anything else inside your backpack.

  9. Waterproof phone case or a GoPro camera

    You might want to use your phone very close to the water and to avoid any accidents we suggest you get a waterproof cell phone bag, that way you can take epic photos of this adventure.

    If you have a GoPro camera then make sure you have your batteries charged

  10. Take some time to feel connected and grounded

    The whole point of taking some time off from work is to get rid of the stress or simply a break from whatever we are going through.

    During the Tamanique hike you can find incredible views and big trees you can even hug. Stop and listen to the birds, smell the wet ground, and touch some of the local plants.

    The more present you are the best you are going to feel, let go of all your problems and trust the universe that better things are on their way for you.

Tamanique waterfalls tour

Take the challange and chase the amazing Tamanique waterfalls tour, click the link below:

Find below some important information about this beautiful area in El Salvador.

Where are the Tamanique waterfalls located?

The Tamanique waterfalls are located in a town called Tamanique, this town is situated up in a mountain rage called Cordilleras del Balsamo, this sections of mountains can be found from La Libertad to Sonsonate.

About Tamanique town

The small town of Tamanique was populated around the years 1,500 by indigenious communities of Mayan and Pipiles.

These small communities worked in the production of Cacao and Balsamo which products were sold in San Salvador. Tamanique was attacked by the Spanish conqueros back in late 1,500 leading to a bloody war against the pipiles who used to live in this area.

What does Tamanique mean?

Tamanique means “The taken land”.  

How far are the Tamanique waterfalls?

The Tamanique waterfalls are located just 30 minutes away from Tunco beach or 1 hour away from San Salvador city.

If you come through the Litoral highway you’ll find a road in pretty good conditions with scenics views of the pacific ocean and corn plantations.

Coming from San Salvador city you go through Comasagua town and you can find amazing views of San Salvador, Lourdes city.

What’s the best time of the year to visit the Tamanique waterfalls?

You can visit the Tamanique waterfalls almost year around, even in the rain season.

The best time to visit the Tamanique waterfalls is between the months of November and May which is the dry season in El Salvador.

Between June and October you might find rain during these days however it is still doable. It is up to the local authorities if you can still go or if they close the trail to get to the waterfalls.

Are the Tamanique waterfalls difficult to hike?

This hike is  an intermediate hike, going down the waterfalls is quiet easy but coming back up is challanging for some people. Specially because how steep it is to go back to town.

If you suffer from your knees or if you have recently had a surgury we suggest you avoid this hike.

The weather is hot and humed so please bring at least one litle of water.

How can we book a tour to the Tamanique waterfalls?

The easiest way to book a tour to the Tamanique waterfalls is by requesting a tour through our website here or simply send us a Whatsapp message to +503 6436 7294 or email us at info@tuncolife.com

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