• 4 hour tour
  • Waterfalls, nature, landscapes
  • Adventure Tour
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A refreshing hiking adventure 30 minutes away from El Tunco Beach

Tamanique Waterfalls are the perfect break for surfing waves or for the hot weather of El Tunco beach.

Located just 30 minutes away from El Tunco and with an altitude of 600 meters above the sea level, Tamanique welcome us with a nice temperature, cooler than El Tunco.



  • Tamanique's Catholic church
  • Waterfalls
  • Landscapes
  • Ocean View
  • Nice weather
  • 30 minutes away from El Tunco

Tamanique Waterfalls

The more people sing up, the lower price you are going to get. Send us a message with your dates and how many people is coming with you, we are going to response withing 1 hour prices and availablities.

Tour Details

Duration: 4 hour

Meeting point: Tunco Life office, hotel/hostel (Including San Salvador)

Language spoken: English

Don’t forget: , Comfortable shoes, weather appropriate apparel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, full charged phone or camera.

Why should you take a tour with us?

  • Member of Tourism El Salvador
  • Certified Tour Guides and Drivers
  • Available All Year Round!

What's included

  • Local tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Bottled water

What's not included

  • Meals and drinks
  • Tips (Optional)

Chasing Waterfalls in Tamanique

tamanique waterfall el tunco

Tamanique Waterfalls, the perfect break for El Tunco’s hot weather, located at 600 meters above the sea level and just 30 minutes away from the beach town is the perfect destination for a half day tour.

Tamanique is surrounded by hills that connects to the Pacific ocean which gives a nice weather and perfect views of the beach area.

This area is very characteristic because of its green hills and corn plantations, the name of the town means The Taken Land.

The Tamanique Waterfalls is a complex of 4 waterfalls, where you can jump off from 3 of them, the fourth and final one is 50 meters in height, there is a nice mini lagune where you can swim and relax watching the water come from the top of the hill.

During the visit to the amazing waterfalls, we check the park and catholic church as well. 

Origin of Tamanique

Its origins go back to pre-Hispanic times, as it was populated by Mayan and Pipil groups. By the year 1740 it had about 120 inhabitants dedicated to raising chickens and crops of corn, cotton, cocoa, and balm in small quantities.

By 1770, according to Pedro Cortés y Larraz, he belonged to the parish of Ateos and about 160 people lived there. In the year 1807, Antonio Gutiérrez y Ulloa refers to Tamanique as a town of Indians.

In the Republican era it belonged to the department of San Salvador (1824-1835), Cuscatlán (1835-1842), and again San Salvador since 1842. By the year 1860 its population was estimated at 212 inhabitants and had remarkable production of balsam and cocoa.

Tamanique became part of La Libertad department in 1865.

Tamanique Waterfalls awaits for you every day to enjoy and live an extreme experience with Tunco Life.

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Tamanique Waterfalls