The 15 best restaurants in El Tunco beach

best restaurants el tunco beach surf city el salvador sea food burgers pizza asian

When visiting a new country one of the top priorities is to find a good spot to eat, even better if it is something local or at least with a local taste and one thing people are eager for is to find the best spots in town. This is why we have created a curated list of the top restaurants in Tunco beach.

From the most popular tipical dish in El Salvador called Pupusas to luxury seafood. El Tunco has become an excellent option not only for suring and nightlife but also for eating. See below a list from A to Z hosting the best of the best in our lovely town. Buen provecho.

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bao house el tunco beach asian food baos dumplings

Bao House – Asian food

The Bao House started in a tiny place in Tunco beach around 4 years ago, thanks to its unique flavour and to the owner’s good vibes – Chamba or how we call him Chambao the Bao House restaurant is a must when visiting playa El Tunco.

Recommendation: Pull pork bao.

Top dishes in the menu (Includes Vegan options)

  • Baos
  • Bowls
  • Spring rolls
  • Panko coconut shrimps
  • Dumpligs

casa miramar playa el tunco (1) seafood beach front restaurant

Casa Miramar – Seafood with stunning sunset views

When it comes to sunset and seafood Casa Miramar is the place to be. Taste a delicious Sopa de Mariscada (Seafood soup) or simply enjoy a cold beer while you catch the amazing sunsets in playa El Tunco.

Recommendation: Sopa de mariscada

Top dishes in the menu 

  • Shrimps
  • Mussels
  • Fish
  • Hamburgers
  • Ceviches

coyote restaurant in el tunco beach american style food

Coyote – American Style Restaurant

American style restaurant, Coyote offers a variety of dishes including the famous american burgers.

Recommendation: Shrimp loroco pizza

Top dishes in the menu 

  • Chiplote burger
  • Linguine loroco chicken
  • Paninis
  • Pizzas
  • Burgers

Dale dale cafe el tunco restaurant pupusas coffee tipico breakfast

Dale Dale Cafe

Cosy restaurant offering delicious salvadorean breakfast and lunches, excellent coffee, good internet access.

Recommendation: Salvadoran breakfast

Top dishes in the menu (Includes Vegan options)

  • Pupusas
  • Salvadoran breakfast
  • Croissant
  • Yogurt bowl

Esquina La Comadre

Low budget local restaurant located right in the heart of Tunco beach. Fresh ingredients, local cuisine, great staff!

Recommendation: Tipico breakfast with pan frances.

Top dishes in the menu: 

  • Grilled fish
  • Grilled chicken with salad
  • Ceviches
  • Salvadoran breakfast
  • Shimp
  • Pasta
  • Burgers
  • Burritos
  • Tacos (Chicken, beef, shrimp, fish)

Jungle SV restaurant and bar el tunco beach


Fusion cuisine with a tropical taste, Jungle is located right in the center of Tunco beach, this restaurant offers a variety of dishes and drinks. They are open for lunch and dinner. On weekends they offer brunch.

Jungle becomes wild after 10pm hosting good parties, salsa classes, hip hop, house, techno. You name it, check them out to find out what’s going on during the week.

Recommendation: Avocado tacos.

Top dishes in the menu: 

  • Vegan burger patty
  • Falafel salad
  • Humus
  • Avocado tacos

la bonita beach club playa el tunco food and drinks sunset night life too (1)

La Bonita beach club

La Guanaquita

Looking for a good spot to try the best pupusas in town? La Guanaquita is the place to go, they offer a variety of ingredients from the classics cheese, beans and pork to spinach, zucchini, loroco and many more. 

Recommendation: Loroco, cheese and beans pupusa.

Top dishes in the menu: 

  • Cheese and beans 
  • Garlic and cheese
  • Loroco cheese and beans
  • Cheese and zuccini 

La Guitarra bar

La Guitarra is a beach front hotel and bar located almost in front of the famous Tunco rock, they open around 4 pm. Offering delicious chilli dogs, margaritas, local beers. Perfect location if you want to catch the sunset with friends.

La Guitarra offers the best live concerts in the whole surf city area. You can find a local band playing every friday and saturday around 10 pm


Loroco Bristo

An fusion between Salvadorean ingredients with international food, this would be the best description for this restaurant. Sasso, the owner and chef take normal dishes to the next level with his crazy infusions mixing up local ingridiente like jocote, mango, loroco or even pupusas in an international plate. 


mopelia restaurant and hotel best burgers in town, pasta, beers, wine


When looking for a quiet place to eat, have a cold beer Mopelia is the place to be. They offer a great menu and an excellent national and international beer selection.

They offer excellent internet speed

Recommendation: Mopelia burger

Top dishes in the menu: 

  • Burgers
  • Pastas
  • Falafels

pargos grill el tunco beach restaurant sea food beach front restaurant


Pargos is a great option if you want to eat premium seafood, the location has amazing views of the Tunco rock and well as the Bocana surf spot.


point break coffee el tunco beach bagels, best coffee in town (1)

Point Break Coffee

Looking for a good coffee spot? It’s here, Point Break Coffee offers the best coffee in town. The owner is a  passioned coffee lover who always brings the best coffee beans. 

Recommendation: Zonte  bagel


roca sunzal hotel and restaurant beach front, sea food, fish, shrimps, meat, chicken, beers, drinks (1)

Restaurante Roca Sunzal

Seafood, that’s the first word that comes to our mind when people ask us about Roca Sunzal. They put a lot of effort on cooking with fresh ingridients, local seafood, great place, perfect location in front of the famous Tunco Rock.


roca sunzal hotel and restaurant beach front, sea food, fish, shrimps, meat, chicken, beers, drinks (2) (1)

Tunco Veloz

Looking for some pizza and pastas? Tunco Veloz has become the number one spot when it comes to artesan pizzas and hand made pastas. Check their great menu, 

Recommendation: Mopelia pizza

Top dishes in the menu: 

  • Tropicarona pizza (Shrimps cover with chipotle sauce, pineapple and fresh basil)
  • Margaret pizza
  • Maui Waui
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