Exploring El Tunco beach – Surf city area day tour

Day pass included in a luxury hotel

El Tunco beach – Surf City area has become the most popular destination in the country, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed day pass by a pool with a fresh coconut.

El Tunco beach – Surf City area has become the most popular destination in the country, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed day pass by a pool with a fresh coconut.

El Tunco beach - Surf City day trip

Day tours departing from San Salvador. Free hotel/Airbnb pick up and drop off

About this tour


Take a day trip to the beach – surf city area of El Salvador, El tunco beach is just 30 minutes from San Salvador city.

Explore La Libertad area, a fish market, check some of the best surfing spots in the world, enjoy a day pass in a luxury hotel, lunch with an ocean view. Book this tour now.

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About El Tunco

El Tunco beach is located 30 minutes from San Salvador city, it has become the meca for surfing and one of the most visited town in the whole country.

Why El Tunco is so popular? It all started with some gringos visiting this little town, local vendors started to sell water, beers, local food. Thanks to its location between two popular surf spots “Bocana” and “Sunzal” El Tunco started bringing more and more surfers.

Until these days, EL Tunco beach is the most develop surf town in the country, you can find ATMs, souvenir shops, hotels, restaurants, night life, surf lessons and more.

Surf City El Salvador

Thanks to El Tunco popularity as well as other small towns like Zonte, Palmarcito, San Blas, k59, the new goverment in charge decided to make tourism one of their main goverment strategies.

This way, the salvadorean goverment decided to help develop the coast line with an ambisious project called Surf City.

You can enjoy of a nice day trip exploring this area with a local expert, relax by the pool in a luxury beach front hotel.

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Tour Highlights

  • Mercado de mar / Artisan pier
  • Punta Roca surf spot
  • El Tunco beach
  • El Zonte beach


One of our local guides is going to pick you up at your desired location, you will be taken to the beach area, 30 minutes away from San Salvador. 

  1. First stop is to check the fishing artesean pier and the fish market.
  2. Check Punta Roca, probably the best surfing spot in El Salvador and one of the most respected around the world.
  3. Time to check El Tunco beach, a pintores little surfing town where everything start.
  4. Checking in for hotel day pass. (Keep in mind you have $15 consumables in the hotel restaurant)
  5. Return to San Salvador

Pick up time

  • From San Salvador City: 8:00 am

Drop off

  • In San Salvador City: 4:30 pm

Meeting point

Free hotel or Airbnb pick up.

Day tours departing from San Salvador includes a free hotel or Airbnb pick up and drop off.


  • Day pass in a luxyry hotel
  • $15.00 consumables in hotel restaurant
  • Private tour
  • Bilingual tour guide
  • Transportation with air conditioning
  • Free pick up and drop off at hotel or Aibnb

What do I need to bring?

  • A towel
  • Sandals
  • Bikini, board shorts
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Fully charged phone or camera.


  • Meals are not included
  • Tips (optional)

From $100

Per person, includes a day pass worth $45.00)

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