Top 10 Things to do in El Salvador

Looking for El Salvador’s top activities? We have asked our clients and also in different travel groups about what are those places you could say: If you go to El Salvador, you must go here. After reading a lot of recommendations we have come up with our top 10 things to do in El Salvador. If you have more, please share it on the comment section. Enjoy! 

Santa Ana’s Volcano

The Ilamatepec or Santa Ana’s Volcano as everybody knows this place. With an altitude of 2,381 meters above the sea level is the highest volcano in El Salvador and the fourth in Central America.  Located on the south west side of the country. 1.5 hours away from San Salvador city.

You can hike the Santa Ana’s Volcano in 2 hours average, the faster you get to the top the more time you are going to spend watching the crater and the lake.

Coatepeque Lake

One of the 8 wonders in the world, Coatepeque Lake is the place to go and have a relaxed day. It means in Nahuat: Coatl= Snake, Tepetl= hill, mountain. Which means the hill of snakes.

Every year, the Coatepeque Lake change its color to turquoise as you can see in the video below. It used to be the home of Myan-Pipiles around the V or VI century.

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T U R Q U E S A 💠 Ya 4to año consecutivo que el agua del Lago de Coatepeque cambia de color a turquesa, siguen analizando la verdadera causa aunque lo que más se dice es por proliferación de algas (cianobacterias) con las lluvias y cambios de temperatura..quienes de ustedes ya fueron en los últimos días? . . . . . 🎬@quecoolfilms 🇸🇻#elsalvadorimpresionante #coatepequeturquesa . . . . . #elsalvador #Sivar #natgeo #elsalvadortravel #natgeotraveller #filmmaker #nainoalanger #chrisrogers #samkolder #goprooftheday #coatepeque #lagodecoatepeque #lagosto #elsalvadorimpressive #awesomelifestyle #epicphotographers #beautifuldestinations #plotagraph #salvadoreñosporelmundo #travelblogger #instatravelling #dronefeed #dronestagram #dronevideo #droneoftheday #aerialphotography #dronesdaily #turquesa

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Ruta de las Flores

The Ruta de las Flores – Route of Flowers is a combination of 6 colonial towns connected through one road that connect each one of these towns.

In each colonial town of the Ruta de Las Flores, you can find different activities such as gastronomical festivals, coffee plantations, incredible waterfalls, hot springs and so much more.

Santa Teresa Hot Spring

Located on the west side of El Salvador, in Ahuchapan Department. When visiting the Termales de Santa Teresa, you live a unique, unforgettable and pleasant experience, immerse yourself in its warm and calm waters where an exquisite relaxation is achieved.

Downtown San Salvador

El Tunco Beach

Tamanique Waterfalls

Volcan de Conchagua

El Cuco


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