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Best restaurants for dinner

Best bars and clubs in town

Hello dear traveler, Salva here from Tunco Life, today I want to bring you a special delivery, every week I get to ask on social media or in person where’s the best place to go out in Tunco beach or the surf city area – from La Libertad to Zonte beach are popular destinations, during the day you can see a lot of tourist wandering around, taking surfing lessons, going to the famous Tamanique waterfalls or simply hanging around but what happened when the sun goes down? What about El Tunco nightlife?

I would say the Tunco nightlife starts with an incredible sunset at 5:30 pm and today I’ll give you a definitive guide on what the nightlife in Tunco and surrounding areas are all about. 

On this guide, I am going to explain everything you need to know about where’s the party at in Tunco beach and nearby areas.

I’ll be talking about the following

  • Best spots to catch the sunset
  • Best restaurants where you can go for dinner in Tunco or Zonte beach.
  • Where to party from Monday to Sunday with specific locations, type of activity and timing.

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Where is the best spot to catch the sunset on Tunco beach?

I would say anywhere on the beach, the further you go to the left side, like passing Monkey Lala, the quieter will be. If you want to be alone, and quiet then I suggest once you get to the beach walk towards the left.

If you want to hang out with friends and get to know other travelers keep yourself between Monkey Lala and La Boca Restaurant (It’s the restaurant right in front of the famous Tunco rock.)

My favorite places I would suggest are La Guitarra bar and La Bonita beach club, they have a good selection of cocktails, good micheladas, a nice vibe and a good selection of music.

What about Zonte beach, where do you recommend watching the sunset?

Zonte is a bit different than Tunco, Zonte beach is divided in two by a river month, if you are staying in Puro Surf, Palo Verde, La Canasta, Beach Break hotel then I suggest you walk towards the other side of the river – where Looking Good and Garten are located.

A good spot to catch the Sunset in Zonte beach is Olas Permanentes, they are beach front and they have beers, micheladas and good food.

After enjoying the sunset, what’s next?

After you have enjoyed one of the best sunsets in your life it’s time to get ready for night life in Tunco! People go back to their hotels to shower, get dressed up and go back to town for dinner.

What restaurants do you recommend for dinner?

Sure, I’ll be happy to recommend you some good restaurants based on what you want to eat tonight. El Tunco beach has improved a lot with the menu restaurants offer. 

I’ll break it down for you based on the day of the week.

Where to eat on Mondays in Surf City?

Mondays are very chill days in the surf city area, either you are in Tunco, Zonte, Palmarcito or San Blas beach. Therefore here’s my list of suggestions for you.

  1. On Mondays people would visit Bao House in Tunco beach, they have a promotion called Bao Mondays, the perfect excuse for you to out and have a nice dinner with good music. 

    Bao House was founded by Chamba Martinez aka Chambao, he started his business around the same time I started Tunco Life. He offers Baos, bowls, dumplings, cocktails, local beers and limones. 

  2. If you are looking for a beach front place I would suggest you go a bit fancy and visit probably one of the best restaurants in La Libertad area, I’m talking about Beto’s La Libertad. This place offers the best seafood in the area, perched in a cliff, with a perfect ocean view this is the place you want to if you want to celebrate a birthday, have a date or simply you want to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner.

  3. If you want a beach front restaurant in Tunco beach then I would suggest La Bocana Restaurant or Roca Sunzal restaurant. These two locations are beach front and they have a tasty menu.

Where to eat on Tuesdays?

On this day you have two popular options, one in Tunco beach and the other in Zonte beach.

  1. Mopelia hotel and restaurant
    Mopelia is a quiet place that offer rooms and also an open kitcken for anyone interested in stakes, burgers, pastas, fish. 

    They host an event every Tuesday called Jam sessions,  you can have dinner at this place and then enjoy a night of live music permormed by talented tourists that decide to take the mic, the guitars, the drums, etc and share a good night with the crowd.

  2. The other option is Taco Tuesdays, hosted by our friends from Hotel Michanti.

    These guys offer a variety of good tacos and also a good party after dinner. They start at 7:00 pm. No reservation ris equired.

What about Wednesday?

The place to be is at Captain Cook located in Tunco plaza, these guys are the new kids on the block and they are killing it already.

They offer fresh seafood and every week they have a different menu, they also invite other small restaurants to join forces and create a special menu.

  • Price: from $8.00
  • Start time: 7:00 pm
  • Location: Tunco plaza

Thursdays, where’s my food at?


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